Stolen from her home world and given to a man named Vander, Lyric becomes a spanking wench. Kept pure and well-fed as enticement to wealthy men, Elitists take a turn at her with a flogger or paddle, a punishment she’s learned to endure and sometimes even enjoy. Above all, she’s remained a survivor. When a show incites a riot, and Lyric is certain she’ll die, she’s whisked away to safety by her last disciplinarian—a young man who looks nothing like an Elitist.

Troy has one chance to save his father and two young brothers from death in the mines—snatch Vander’s prized spanking whore and hand her over to his biggest competition, another Elitist named Clemens. Yet Lyric is nothing like he expected, she’s beautiful, innocent, and certainly doesn’t deserve the horrible fate Clemens has in store for her. Not to mention the feelings Troy begins to develop for the young woman who will never survive the show Clemens has planned. But handing her over and collecting his pay is the only shot he has at buying his family’s freedom.

Will Troy find a way to save Lyric, or will she become just another casualty of an unforgiving solar system?

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