Untamed Shifter Love

Five sizzling hot stories of shifters finding their mates.

Mouse and the Bounty Hunter by C. L. Scholey

A mouse by any other name would still be a mouse. Except Carlin is no mouse—it’s just her nickname. Kidnapped by a Kodiak bear shifter and his gang, they demand Carlin shift into the mouse they think she is to help them rob a bank. When she’s unable to shift, her captor, Balor, assumes she’s merely frightened and she will eventually shift…or die.

Tarvor has been on Balor and his gang’s tail for years. The bounty hunter wasn’t in any rush to capture the thieving nuisances, but now they have his mate. No more will Tarvor let the shifter gang run loose. Tarvor wants Carlin, and he wants her now.

Lord of the Hunt by Juliet Cardin

For generations, the men of the Cole family bloodline have turned into wolves. Balen Cole has relentlessly searched for an end to the transformation. He becomes especially desperate when his betrothed arrives earlier than expected, seeking his protection.

Alena Harford had to rush to Balen’s side when another man sought to claim her as his own. Though she has heard the dark rumors about the Cole family, Alena is willing to risk anything to be Balen’s bride. She plays the role of a delicate lady, but she isn’t as helpless as she leads others to believe.

The pair finds love and desire in each other’s arms. But how long can they hope to survive when a vile menace arrives threatening to expose their secrets and endangers their very lives?

Moonlight by Ashlynn Monroe

Joslyn Jamison is a human woman that was raised by werewolves. After graduating college, she returns home, trying to decide if she should marry her long-time boyfriend. The man she really desires is Kane Wolfe, the secret crush of her teen years, but he’s very off-limits. She’s lived a life straddling two worlds, but she can never belong to Kane.

Kane Wolfe is used to getting what he wants. He patiently waited for Jossy to grow up and see that she belongs to him, but he waited too long. Convincing the human that she’s a fit mate for a werewolf is harder than he thought it would be.

When Joslyn is thrown into the middle of a pack war Kane is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect her and claim her as his mate, even if she’s too stubborn to claim him back. She’s brave enough to live in his world, but is she courageous enough to accept him as her mate?

The Hunter by Olivia Starke

In order to impress Mike Conner, her crush from the gym, city girl Trinity Gaines decides to head to a local conservation area to snap some wildlife pics. When she’s attacked by a large animal, she’s left wounded and helpless against whatever is stalking her through the trees.

Hunter Mike Conner let a werewolf slip from his grasp. Then he finds Trinity stranded in the forest after being attacked by the monster, and he’s riddled with guilt. She’s been served a death sentence—one he’ll have to carry out himself in a few short weeks before she shifts.

The chemistry between them is undeniable. While struggling to understand their growing feelings for one another, Trinity and Mike suddenly find themselves in a fight for their lives. Will they survive or will the werewolf within Trinity destroy them both?

William’s Warrior by T. Cobbin

Porsha was born prematurely—a rare thing for a dragon shifter—and at twenty-one years old, she’s still small. Because of her size her parents were very protective, and she had a sheltered life. Now, her mother and father have decided it’s time for her to mate, and they’re determined to find the perfect person to keep her protected. They plan a party to introduce her to those males they deem worthy. The night of the party, Porsha runs away, and shortly afterward she joins the staff at Dragon’s Heart as a waitress.

William returns to work at Dragon’s Heart after taking some time off to deal with the loss of his mother. He’s trying his best to move past his grief and get on with his life. When he meets Porsha, a new employee at the club, both of them immediately know that they’re destined to be mates. But they may never get the chance, because Porsha’s parents show up, determined to take her back home. Can William and Porsha put an end to their plan to control her life?

Content Warning: these stories contain scorching sex scenes.