The Virgin Bet

Tippy Madison has a pretty big secret—she’s a twenty-eight year old virgin. Thanks to her awkward teenage years, then a crazy college schedule, and, finally, her struggling bookstore, she simply hasn’t had time to date. When her beloved bookstore burns down one night, she ends up having a confrontation with a cop that leaves her handcuffed in the backseat of his police cruiser. A cop who happens to be Brent Kingston, the hot former quarterback she tutored back in high school. Though she finds him infuriating, she also finds herself having some pretty wicked thoughts about him.

Brent had a pretty big crush on the opinionated redhead who helped him pass English class. Now grown, Tippy is even more stunning—and just as strong headed. A good turn over his knee and a sound spanking is exactly what she needs, but it’s not enough for Brent. Tippy draws out his darker, kinkier, side, yet he quickly learns she is still a virgin. He worries that the feisty redhead won’t be able to handle this side of sex, but she is full of surprises.

As their relationship grows so does Tippy’s old high school insecurities. Can she overcome the shadows of the past, or will it drive them apart forever?



“You’re pretentious, Tippy. You’re a pretentious bitch.”

Tippy Madison’s mouth dropped open and she stared at the boy standing in front of her. The boy she’d ensured would pass English class so that he could stay on the football team. The Tigers had been bound for a state championship—as long as their star quarterback passed English.

Basically, Tippy had saved the day. And this was the thanks she got, being called out in the parking lot with half the school watching. Her face burned hot to her ears as her peripheral vision took in their audience.

“Listen, Brent, I think you’re blowing things out of proportion,” she said as calmly as possible, trying to diffuse the situation so she could retreat to the safety of her car. “I’m not interested in going to prom with anyone. Not just you.”

Brent glared down into her face, his eyes a vivid shade of blue in the mid-afternoon sunlight. His skin had taken on a dark flush—obviously he wasn’t used to being shot down. Especially in front of all his friends.

“You just think you’re better than everyone else because you’re so smart,” he said with a voice much too masculine to belong to such a youthful face. It carried easily to the growing throng of spectators.

Tippy blinked, that wasn’t it at all. She didn’t take him up on his offer of being his date for the senior prom, because she was ninety-nine percent positive it was a cruel prank. He’d even had the gall to ask her in front of his buddies with the attitude that he was doing her some great honor. One look at the rest of the football team gathered behind their star player said it all. Smirks, sly grins, snickers—yeah, she’d called it. And like hell she’d be part of a mean joke. Not long before this fiasco, rumor had it the football team had gone on a virgin hunt, with a bet on who could deflower the most girls. Like hell she’d be amongst these poor naïve victims.

The virgin bet had to be still on, because no way in hell would Brent Kingston take the school’s dowdy super nerd to prom. Tippy with her frizzy head of bright red curls and ruler straight, knobby figure. Brent with his tall, broad shouldered physique and a smile that made even a few of the younger teachers blush shyly. The idea was laughable when any of the perfectly coifed and physically fit cheerleaders would jump at the chance to hook up with Brent the quarterback. She had some common sense, and obviously Brent was too stupid to see that his motives on asking her were completely transparent.

“Tippy….” Brent trailed off as his gaze darted over the ever-growing crowd. Word was out, a spectacle was happening, and the kids had flocked in to gather new gossip.