Mindy's Healing

Mindy Sweet is at the top of her game in barrel racing when a terrible accident steals both her leg and her beloved horse. She rises from tragedy, finishes college and starts a therapeutic horseback riding program, dedicating her life to both children and families facing challenges. Yet, she’s never quite faced all of the emotional scars she’s carried around for years. She’s buried them deep so she can get on with her life.

Nicholas De Luca is a driven man who’s made a billion dollars in his retail empire. When an old fling reappears and leaves a four year old boy at his door, a son he never knew about, he’s at a loss for what to do. For a year his shy, sensitive son, Jason, hasn’t spoken or smiled, and he fears Jason’s maternal grandparents will get custody of the boy he loves with all his heart. When he hears of Mindy’s riding program he enrolls his son in it, hoping it’ll help Jason. She’s his last hope of forging a connection with Jason.

Nicholas and Mindy aren’t prepared for the chemistry that fires between them. As they work to help Jason break out of his shell, they also find it brings out old wounds that Mindy has suppressed since her accident. Can she overcome her guilt and grief, or will it drive a wedge between Mindy and Nicholas forever?