Happy Accidents

Jenny has always had a blundering history with magic. She tries a stain remover spell to save her beloved flapper dress, and ends up kidnapping a man from the 1920s instead. Nathan is charming, gorgeous, and the right amount of spice her lackluster life needs. But he doesn’t belong in her time no matter how much she may wish otherwise.

Nathan is saved from certain death when he’s whisked into the future by a sweet little witch. The new century he awakens to is incredible, but he finds Jenny the most fascinating. Her dimples, her lush curves, the way she responds to his kiss—everything about her leaves him infatuated. Yet, he’s left behind someone who needs his help. He has to go back to 1926, regardless of the danger he’ll face upon returning, or the fact he’ll lose Jenny forever.

Jenny knows it’s a risk. Nathan may not survive another one of her spells, but she has no choice. When she discovers the truth of Nathan’s fate in the past, she’ll do anything to rescue him. Including travelling through time, but will they come out of her magic alive?