A Gentleman for Hire

Being this naughty could end her career...

Kimberly works as CFO of a billion dollar company, a career she loves but stress has taken its toll. When an orgasm becomes as elusive as finding a unicorn in the city, she decides to hire her own entertainment during a company convention in Las Vegas. Michael is everything her libido craves: tall, sexy, smart, and delicious.

The naughtiness that follows is off the charts hot, but an unexpected connection sparks between Michael and Kimberly. Will their tryst turn into a happily forever?

Content Warning: contains graphic language, BDSM, and explicit sex.



“No. It’s only…” She swallowed. “Well, it’s been a while, and I have no idea how to approach this. I’ve never had sex with a stranger before.”

She expected to see shock on his face, but his smile didn’t waver. “How about this,” he said. “Have a seat, and I’ll give you a neck rub. I’m pretty good with my hands.”

She nodded, relieved to be spared further embarrassment. Surely the women he dealt with were more sex-with-strangers savvy. “Actually if you could throw in a backrub too, I’d be in heaven. At this point I’d pay fifteen grand for one.”

Michael bowed. “I’m at your command. Lay down on the bed, and get comfortable, but you’ll need out of that dress.”

She nibbled her bottom lip, feeling shy. “Sure, okay. Turn around.”

He did as she asked, and she wiggled the dress down her hips and kicked free of it. She left on her thigh highs, red lace boy shorts, and shoes—despite the foot pain it seemed sexier having them on. She lay on her stomach and flipped the comforter over her lower body. “I’m ready,” she said.

He dug inside his bag and pulled out a bottle of massage oil.

She quirked an eyebrow. “Prepared for anything, aren’t you?”

His wicked grin matched the glint in his eyes. “Always.”