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TRUSTING INGRID by Libby Campbell

Trusting Ingrid
Libby Campbell
  • Ingrid soon learns that big girls do cry, especially when they have very sore bottoms.

Ingrid Nickel doesn’t want to go into rehab. Again. She tried it once but it didn’t work.
When she meets Lachlan Morrison, the connection is electric. She sees a handsome man, directing and challenging, who won’t be intimidated by a powerful woman like her. He sees a woman whose bluster and sarcasm is a cover for something deep inside her that is badly broken.
The daughter of a grifter, Ingrid has grown up street-wise and lawless. Lachlan has rescued more than one creature whose bark was worse than its bite.
Will his stern, loving magic work on Ingrid?
Publishers note: Although loosely part of a series, this spicy romance can be read as a stand alone story. It includes scenes of domestic discipline and power exchanges.
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"Are you willing to submit to me physically, to accept my discipline, until you develop more of your own?”
Ingrid rubbed her hands on her jeans, trying to act indifferent. She shrugged. “Sure. Nothing to lose.”
“Curb your enthusiasm.” Lachlan stood in front of her.
From where she sat, he looked skyscraper tall, making her feel like a speck in his shadow.
Lachlan held out his hand. “Let’s get started.”
Ingrid rose to her feet. “Here?” she looked around the living room, her face knit with worry.
“Why not? There’s no one home. The blinds are closed. This gives us lots of space to play in and I find a roaring fire can be helpful in these situations.”
“All will be revealed,” Lachlan said, pulling her into his arms to hold her tight. His hands roamed from the top of her spine down to her buttocks and thighs. He squeezed her bottom, caressed her waist and massaged her shoulders, as though he were memorizing every inch of her body by touch.
Ingrid wrapped her arms around his neck, weaving her fingers through his hair.
He kissed her collarbone then lifted his head and kissed her ear, his soft breath heating her in dark tangled places.
When his lips met hers, she was ready, her mouth slightly open. Their tongues danced. She drank from him and he from her. Their moaning voices joined. For a tumbling, crazed moment, it was as though they were a single, heaving beast.
Without warning, Lachlan pulled away. Taking Ingrid by the shoulders, he spun her around, so she was facing the fire. He stood behind her, his body molding against hers. With one hand under her breasts, holding her close, he flattened his other hand on her abdomen, pressing her to him. The rigid muscle of his hard on rubbed against her bottom cheeks.
“Do you like the warmth of the fire?” he asked.
“Yes,” she whispered. The bittersweet smell of the burning cedar log was intoxicating. She inhaled deeply.
“There is a reason the hearth is raised. Do you have any idea why that might be?”
“To make it easier to set a fire?”
“Partly. You’re about to see the other reason. Are you ready for your punishment?”
“Maybe.” Her bark of laughter quivered with nervousness. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”
“I’m going to spank you tonight. That much you’ve figured out already, right?”
She nodded hesitantly.
“What you may not realize is that I consider your problems, your bad behaviors, to be long term, entrenched habits that can only be broken and rebuilt over a period of time, with regular and consistent correction.”
Ingrid froze. “Period of time? What does that mean? What is consistent correction?”
“The initial period will be a month. That’s how long I’m off the board and how long Glyn and Rachel are away. For the next month you will be spanked at least once a day.”
Ingrid gasped. “No!”
“Yes” Lachlan kissed her neck.
With his warm lips caressing her skin, her determination to resist him weakened. She protested feebly, “That’s too much.”
“It’s barely a start, considering some of the things you’ve done. The spankings aren’t the only important thing. Far more important is your submission. That will tell me that you know you need to change, that you consent to my direction for the process.”
“At least once a day?” She hated the timidity in her voice.
“Once a day to pay for old sins. More than that for new offences. You’re lucky. Today you’re only going to be punished for today’s wrongdoing.”
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